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Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer And Volumizer Best Hot Air Brush, Black

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Revlon one-step volumizer with a round brush and blow hair dryer can be challenging. For soft, voluminous hair, if you want it to be wavy, you need a good blow-drying routine, followed by flat iron and then hot rollers, or pay $ 30- $ 50 for a professional job.

Until now. When the Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer landed on our doorstep, we were skeptical. We’d heard the goodies but they seemed a bit far-fetched to us: it has positive reviews, praise, hundreds, and hundreds of YouTube beauty influencer tutorials. If something was having a moment of fame, it’s this holy grail hairdryer.

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer

We assumed this dryer would be difficult to master and would not get the professional results we were hoping for. Turns out we were wrong. After using One-Step for the last six months, we can say that firstly, we are obsessed, and secondly, that it is the foolproof hair tool you have been looking for.

It is easy

Looking at the dryer, which is shaped like an oval brush, we were concerned that there would be a steep learning curve when it came to achieving results. But no joke, within minutes of opening the box, we had perfectly straight, shiny, frizz-free hair.

First, we collected half of the hair and began to wrap the dryer around sections of towel-dried hair. After three steps the first section was dry and straight and since we had let the dryer stay on the bottom of the hair, it had a lovely soft curl at the ends.

Three steps!

There were no tangles or pulling, thanks to the combination of the ball-tipped nylon bristle brush and boar bristles, which work together to gently detangle strands of hair while also grabbing hair to straighten, straighten and curl it. The swivel cord makes it unnecessary to constantly reposition the brush.

More things you need to know:

With each continuous flick of the Revlon volumizer dryer, One-Step distributes hot air evenly over the hair. Therefore, air blows through vents built into the brush, simultaneously drying and styling. Placing the brush closer to your scalp will not only dry out the roots, but it will also add volume, giving you the extra supermodel lift we’re all looking for.

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer Work Fast

Revlon dryer and volumizer recommend towel drying your hair first and waiting until it is almost half dry before beginning the one-step drying process. By doing so, you are ensuring ahead of dry, straight hair in 10 minutes or less. The hair where we have tested it is not thick, but it is long, and with the One-Step it only took seven to eight minutes.
Less time spent applying heat and bristles to your hair also means less damage, and it’s less time spent using the 1.8-pound brush on and around your head, which can be a lot of exercises.

It is cheap

Let’s face it, products that are so effective and have a large cult following also tend to be expensive. But at just within $ 60, the One-Step is more affordable than most high-end hair dryers on the market.

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer Save Your Salon Cost

However, where the savings really come in is in the elimination of other tools necessary to achieve extraordinary results. Remember, before the One-Step, we were using a hairdryer, flat iron, and hot rollers to get the look we wanted. Or spending more than $ 100 a month on weekly appointments at the salon. The fact that One-Step eliminates the need for all of these products and treatments (and costs) makes this dryer a good investment.

The final verdict

With One-Step in our beauty arsenal, we can achieve a smooth, salon-quality look on a daily basis. The brush’s ionic technology uses negative ions that maintain a neutral charge on your hair, working to give your locks that conditioned, shiny, frizz-free look. What’s better than that?


Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer And Volumizer would fulfill your expectation. However, we are declaring that this is not all about product information stated herewith. You might have the opportunity to collect more comparative best hair dryer information on this regard through web research. So, it’s your time to decide before purchasing. You will get more information by click on the buying link.


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