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Remington D3190 Damage Protection Hair Dryer



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Remington Hair Dryer is a fantastic and innovative hair dryer that has the capacity to offer you 2200 watts of power. So you can dry your hair in less time. And thanks to its 3 temperature levels and 2 speeds, you can regulate the heat and intensity according to the needs of the user and the quality of their hair.

This hair dryer will allow you to design all types of hairstyles, as it includes a narrow nozzle to direct the airflow. Thereafter, a diffuser to give volume, and a blast of cold air to set hairstyles. Its removable air filter will allow you to keep it in perfect condition and for much longer.


Have you always thought that a hair dryer is synonymous with frizz and damaged hair? Then, you must know the Remington Hair Dryer D3190 and the revolutionary technology with which it has been manufactured. Because thanks to it, your hair will leave your hair silky, shiny, and frizz-free. This, because it has all the ion technology, a ceramic and tourmaline heating system, to care for and protect your hair fibers, while being very efficient with drying hair and the hairstyles you want to design.

Remington Hair Dryer Features

Remington Hair Dryer
Damage Protection
Model: D3190
Motor type: DC
3 Temperatures
2 speeds
Warranty: as per supplier policy
Removable air filter

Remington Hair Dryer Product Description

ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: We have packed a ton of useful technology into this hairdryer. Negative ions reduce frizz, ceramic, and tourmaline technology produce infrared heat for fast drying, protect hair cuticles from overheating.

HAIR PROTECTION: Get up to 3 times more protection compared to standard Remington dryers. Help your hair prevent damage and maximize shine.

3 HEAT SETTINGS + 2 SPEED SETTINGS: Find the perfect temperature and airflow for your hair with 3 heat settings and 2-speed settings. Start with high-speed heat to remove excess moisture, switch to low heat, and when you’re ready to style and achieve the perfect look.

MOTOR: The powerful motor produces a strong constant airflow for even blow-drying, to dry even wavy hair quickly.

This fantastic Remington dryer, has a turbo function, which increases the airspeed to accelerate drying. The Remington Power shine dryer has a motor, 2 times more durable and a 1.8 cm long cable, its three adjustments in the temperature and its 2 speeds plus the blast of cold air, fix the hairstyle, this dryer is the right one if you want brilliant results at all times.

Ionic technology, the negative ions are activated by the heat of the dryer, reducing drying time, and helping the hair to absorb essential moisture, reducing frizz and static. Infrared heat produced by the ceramic-coated grill helps reduce drying time.


We always recommend our visitors not only rely on our limited information about Remington Hair Dryer. There are lots of information sources on web research. So, you can enrich your knowledge of this product before going to purchase or compare other Revlon hair dryer similar products. You can get more informative products by clicking the buying link.

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