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The best moisturizer cream for face to protect the skin in winter

Moisturizer cream for face is the remedy of cold and with it the skin problems change. If during the summer we have to worry about protecting ourselves from the sun, hydrating ourselves and avoiding formulas heavy with sweat, in winter redness arrives, the skin is tight and dry due to the cold. That is why the moisturizer need to change according to the season. This habit will make your skin healthy and wholesome.

The protection of moisturizers during the winter is especially necessary if your skin is dry or sensitive. It is in this type of skin where the greatest problems appear, so it is necessary to take into account which are the best moisturizers formulated for the winter season.

THENA CALM Face Moisturizer Cream Organic & Super Natural Skin Care

moisturizer for face


1. 100% natural soft and soothing formula with 3 pleats that hydrate in a relaxing way
2. Gently calms dryness itchy red skin fragility reduce redness and stress on the skin
3. protects the skin repairs and restores the protective properties of the skin builds a strong moisture barrier that makes it more tolerant against aggressions.
4.Powerful and detailed ingredients that better than active ingredients for sensitive and reactive skin Camellia oil Argan oil Rosehip oil Jojoba oil Rose geranium lavender essential oil Hyalironic acid that visibly reduces signs of aging wrinkles and fine lines promotes a healthy and balanced youthful clear complexion
5.lightweight perfect for daily use day and night application after cleansing and toning fast absorption ideal for wearing under makeup women and men.


Olay Face Moisturizer Cream


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This Olay cream is a top seller, but it is an anti-aging cream, so if your skin is young it may not be suitable yet. However, if we want to avoid the first wrinkles and get an all-terrain cream that fulfills several functions without having an exaggerated price, Olay has found the formula. This formula has factor 30 or 15 sun protection, which is necessary to prevent aging. Contains vitamins B3, C and E for radiant and protected skin.


Aqualia Thermal by Vichy

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This cream is one of the strong moisturizer for sensitive skin. This is ideal for this season, where many people develop that skin with redness and tightness. There are several creams in the range. We need to highlight the difference between a more suitable light cream for summer. Both have 97% ingredients of natural origin and offer hydration for 48 hours. They have been enriched with Vichy mineralize water to protect the skin.

Eucerin PH5 Skin Protection

moisturizing cream for face

In this cream we have both the face and body range. People who have sensitive skin or eczema problems must know this brand. How efficient it is in taking care of the skin and indulging it. That is why it is highly recommended for the winter season. Its formula contains dexpanthenol. It is an active ingredient that stimulates skin regeneration. It helps to strengthen the protective barrier of your skin from the extreme cold in winter.

Avène Anti-Redness Day Cream

best moisturizing cream

Avène is another brand trusted by people who have sensitive skin and suffer from a greater problem of redness in the winter. In fact, they have a line called Avène Antirrojeces, dedicated to this setback. It has a sun protection factor and offers vegetable oils to protect the skin. In addition, this cream has thermal water, which calms and maintains natural hydration.



We always recommend our visitors not only rely on our limited information about the face moisturizer skin care cream. The web research is the effective technique to find the informative sources for the products. So, I will suggest you to collect information of this product before going to purchase.  You can get more latest products by clicking the buying link.

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