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How To Prevent Gray Hair

The most important question is how to prevent gray hair? Each new wrinkle, extra kilogram plunges women into horror. Do you know what else scares us? Yes, the first gray hair. And all subsequent ones too. Why is someone turning gray early? Is there any way to slow down this process? We talked about it.

What Causes Gray Hair?

Natural Processes
The hair follicle is a complex structure. The melanocytes in it synthesize melanin. gray-hair

And it consists of two pigments – eumelanin, which has a black-brown color, and pheomelanin yellow-red. Their ratio is responsible for the shade of hair and its saturation. It is worth remembering that the supply of melanocytes in the follicle is limited. Therefore, with age, the hair turns gray from the root as a result of a lack or absence of pigment. In addition, with insufficient microcirculation of blood in the bulbs, damage to the DNA structure of melanocytes occurs. And tyrosinase activity decreases. The tyrosine amino acid is not absorbed. Therefore, the interaction of hair cells with melanocytes is disrupted. And the migration of the latter into the follicles slows down.

Let’s Dig in The Roots
We must find the answers to how to prevent gray hair? hair becomes gray, is not an indicator of old age. The reasons for its appearance are many. Quite often, premature graying of hair is also observed. This is due to genetics or lifestyle. In the first case, alas, the situation is irreparable. But as for the human factor … Deficiency of vitamins, macro- and micronutrients, rigid diets, an excess of ultraviolet rays – all these are risk factors. Anemia, diseases of the endocrine system, liver, and gastrointestinal tract can also cause premature gray hair. And don’t forget about stress. Constant feelings and nervousness are bad for the whole body. And hair is no exception. Stress hormones contribute to the formation of intrafollicular inflammatory processes with the formation of free radicals. This disrupts microcirculation in the hair follicles. As a result, the signals are distorted.

Cure for Gray Hair. Where to Begin? 

It is impossible to turn back the clock. But modern treatment methods, salon, and home care will slow down unwanted processes. First, you need to identify the true answer of i.e, how to prevent gray hair? And here you can’t do without a medical examination and treatment of existing diseases. Adjust your diet. It must be balanced and complete. Vitamin complexes do not interfere. Look in the composition of selenium, ascorbic acid, vitamins B10, A and E. Finally, protect yourself from psycho-emotional overwork.

How to Stop Gray Hair Permanently?

 Home care for Gray Hair

Do you use anti-aging face cream? Of course, you say! So, our hair also needs specialized care. Including anti-aging. Over the years, the hair becomes thinner, changes color and structure, and falls out. That is why it is so important to select funds that do not exacerbate these changes. Such as the SESKAVEL Time Stop line from Sesderma. These funds affect the hair fibers and scalp. Anti-aging shampoo protects hair from external aggressors and the effects of time. And all thanks to the enhanced formula.

Purple tephrosia cleanses and protects, while amino acids strengthen hair. Caffeine improves the microcirculation of nutrients. Silk prevents cross-section of ends. The anti-aging complex revitalizes aging hair, and growth factors stimulate the growth of new ones. The mask from the same series has a deeper effect. Its composition is supplemented with jojoba oil. It additionally nourishes the hair and follicles. Good news – Sesderma products do not contain silicones, parabens, and sulfates, allergens.

Get find the solution of how to prevent gray hair?


Salon care for Gray Hair

Beauticians offer several types of hair treatments. There are hardware and injection techniques. Darsonvalization and ultrasound help improve circulation in the follicles. As a result, metabolism is restored, and inflammatory processes are reduced. This means that the production of melanin does not suffer. In addition, the growth of new hair is stimulated. However, one session does not stop there. A course of procedures is required, which is selected individually. Mesotherapy shows good results with Hair + Revitalizing from Promoitalia. And no wonder, because the missing elements come directly. The composition of the meso-cocktail includes riboflavin and copper peptide. They stimulate the anagen phase of hair growth. As a result, the quality of the hair improves, their loss is reduced. The course of treatment is four procedures once a week.


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