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Home Remedies for Dry Hair and Split Ends

Home Remedies for Dry Hair and Scalp

Hello beauties, I’d like to talk about a few home remedies for dry hair and split ends. There are many hair conditions that people can suffer from, and one of the toughest ones to deal with is dry hair. It causes your locks to stick out in straight strands and become as dry as a broom’s bristles. Besides that, the hair won’t curl and shine. It can even make you feel upset every time you see your hair. This highlights the need to find hair remedies for treating dry hair that are effective.

home remedies for dry hair

Dry hair is caused by several different factors. However, that often includes over-processing and various types of actions including coloring, perming, bleaching and straightening. Devices that emit heat including curling irons and blow dryers can make the situation worse. However, the good news is that many home remedies can effectively treat dry hair and keep the cost down.

How to Moisturize Dry Hair? A Rinse beyond Water

It makes sense that adding water to your strands of hair will help to add moisture. However, an even better procedure is to use a comfrey hair rinse. This can help to condition your hair/scalp well with a natural shine. Comfrey is an herb that can help to treat dry hair effectively. It can help to soothe a scalp and helps to bring life to dry and brittle hair. The plant also grows every quickly, so you can grow it several times during its growing season, and store it during the entire year. Another option is to purchase it from herbal stores.

You’ll need 3-4 tablespoons of comfrey herb, and 2-3 cups of boiling water. First pour boiling water over the comfrey herb. Allow it to infuse during the night for a minimum of 8 hours. After using shampoo to wash your hair, pour the comfrey rinse you’ve made over your head. Put a bowl/basin under in order to catch the rinse. Make sure that all of your hair/scalp are dampened by the rinse. Then massage your hair gently and let the rinse get into your scalp. Then pour the extra herbal rinse atop your head and massage gently. Repeat this whole process 2 or 3 times, then use clean water to wash off the rinse. After each time you wash your hair you can use the hair rinse made of comfrey.

Weird Name for treating Dry Hair

You might not be familiar with fenugreek, but you should be if you want to use an effective herbal remedy for your dry hair. It’s a cheap yet helpful way to treat the condition. Besides being used for cooking it also has many health benefits.

Fenugreek seeds are also helpful for treating dry hair since they’re high in protein, Vitamin C, nicotinic acid, potassium, amino acids, as well as other nutrients. There’s also something called lecithin contained in fenugreek, which helps to hydrate your hair, thus making it better moisturized and healthier in general. It’s also an excellent option when treating dandruff.

You’ll need 2-4 tablespoons of fenugreek seeds depending on your hair length. You should also prepare 1-2 tablespoons of yogurt. First, soak seeds of fenugreek in some water over the night. Then during the morning, you should grind the seeds to make a paste, and mix the yogurt along with the paste to make a mask. Add it to your strands of hair, then leave it in for around 30 minutes. Use a mild shampoo to wash your hair. Repeat this process 1x per week, then do it one time every 3 to 4 weeks.

How Can I Moisturize My Dry Hair at Home? Go Herb and Oil

For people with very dry hair one effective treatment is a mixture of burdock herb and rosemary oil. Here’s why. Burdock herb is in fact a good source of healthy fatty acids. At the time you add the herb to your head’s scalp it helps to increase blood circulation and add nutrients to your follicles of hair, which will provide a natural conditioner and also make them very strong starting from the inside. Meanwhile, burdock also contains silica and also phytosterols, which will help to treat dry scalp as well. Burdock also helps to limit hair breaking, which will add body and shine to your locks.

dry hair

Meanwhile, rosemary helps to promote hair growth, also conditions your hair/scalp, and also make the hair easier to manage.

Here’s how to make a burdock-rosemary oil for treating dry hair. You’ll need 1 tablespoon of burdock root (dried), 10 grams of rosemary leaves (fresh), ½ cup of olive oil, and ¾ cup of coconut oil. Optional ingredients include 10-15 drops of rosemary essential oil and 10-15 drops of sage essential oil.

First blend the burdock root with the rosemary leaves. Then use a mortar/pestle in order to crush the ingredients. Mix up the 2 oils inside a pan, then add in the crushed herbs into the oil mixture. Next, heat up the herbs and oils using a low simmer heat. Simmer the mixture for around 8 hours so no moisture remains in the herbs. Next, strain away the oil and store it inside a bottle. If you use the essential oils then add them to make the oil better selling and add nutrients. Finally, use the homemade remedy into your hair. Follow this process 2 to 3 times per week, then do it one time weekly.

Treating Dry hair and scalp with Dairy

When you think of treatments for dealing with dry hair you might not automatically think of yogurt. However, the dairy product can provide several health benefits. It can also help to make your hair moisturized due in part to the proteins contained in the product. Yogurt has a high amount of lactic acid and healthy fats. Lactic acid in yogurt can help to clean your hair/scalp, while the good fat will help to make your hair moisturized.

Here’s what to do. You’ll need 2-4 tablespoons of yogurt based on your hair length. Add yogurt to your hair/scalp, then massage the dairy food into your scalp. Let it set for 20-30 minutes, then use a gentle shampoo to wash out the yogurt. If you want a hair mask that’s more hydrating then beat 1 egg into the yogurt and apply it to your locks. Follow this routine one time per week at first then repeat it one time every 2-3 weeks.

Home remedies for dry hair suggested by some other renown institutions shown herewith.

home remedies for dry hair

Among the many hair conditions to deal with, dry hair can be one of the toughest ones. The good news is that some basic home remedies including the above-mentioned ones can add moisture back to your hair.

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