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Female breast size enhancement rely on some powerful natural methods

Female Breast, absolute symbols of femininity, have been sources of fantasy forever. They constitute a significant asset of seduction. Beyond their food function, female breasts are an essential erogenous zone in sexual pleasure. Thanks to technological progress and various new researches on the issue of female breast size, they finally have the chance to satisfy their desires to have firmer breasts and a perfectly upright breast. Many men are also crazy about women who have generous breasts and this is often one of the assets that attract them. How to make female breast grow naturally and make it well curved. Here’s describe some methods to make female breast grow naturally and have perfect breast sized:

How to explain small breast?

  1. The lack of estrogen (female sex hormone)

2.  A diet low in natural estrogen (from certain plants)

3. Genetic (small breast)

4. The weight (if you are very thin and your body does not have a good amount of fat) it is natural that you do not have a strong chest because the beautiful breasts are partly made of fat.

Discover 7 methods to make your small breast bigger!

Some women resort to surgery for large female breast, while others prefer to use simpler and healthier natural methods. In order to build the small breast bigger the following seven powerful methods have to be followed:

One: Perfect breast size stimulate by applying some herbals

Take some herbs are effective methods in stimulating female breast growth. They help fill the lack of estrogen by providing phytoestrogens that, in turn, stimulate perfect breast size.

The majority of plants that help to fatten female breast naturally are rich in phytoestrogens (plant estrogen) such as Fenugreek, red clover, and dandelion. Indeed, Fenugreek is the natural plant most used by those looking for how to grow perfect breast size. This plant is rich in Lecithin and improves the functioning of the sexual glands. Its concentration in plant elements makes Fenugreek often recommended for growing female breast.

Another effective plant for promoting perfect breast size growth is red clover. Rich in several types of phytoestrogens, it not only helps to stimulate female breast growth but also helps prevent certain health problems in women by regulating the level of estrogen.

As for dandelion, it also helps to enlarge the female breast naturally that has estrogenic properties.


Before start using these herbs read the warnings as below:


1. Fenugreek

Pregnant women should avoid the consumption of fenugreek because it can cause contractions of the uterus and miscarriages.


2. Red clover

Consult your doctor or health care professional for growing female breast before consuming red clover because when certain medications are taken, it can inhibit the ability of liver enzymes to break down medications. They then become ineffective. In addition, this plant can increase bleeding, so avoid its consumption if you take anticoagulants.

3. Dandelion

Before using dandelion, in order to desire perfect breast size women are fattening for small breast should consult their doctor. Regarding dosages, it all depends on the form of female breast size (capsule, dried leaves or fresh …), it is better to seek the advice of your herbalist or a health professional for perfect breast size.

Two: Fennel tea makes women beautiful breasts fat

Fennel is a plant that is full of phytoestrogens and stimulates the secretion of beautiful breasts estrogen. It increases female breast growth naturally. So, here the method is to use fennel seeds to make tea, consume 2 cups a day to make the breast fat!


Some people have allergies to plants that are part of the family, they should not consume fennel, celery, coriander.

Three: Foods impact in nice breast enlargement

Another method is choosing foods that are rich in estrogen and nutrients help to make nice breast fatter. Some of the rich diet consisting mainly of apples, beets, nuts, pistachios, garlic, prunes, and pomegranate.

Four: Amino acids develop small breast hormone

Amino acids are beneficial for overall health … this method may promote female breast growth. They actually have properties similar to those of growth hormone, essential for fattening young boobs.

Fifth: Massage makes the breast mass fat

To massage female breast, use oil and make between 100 and 300 circular motions around each breast daily. You must be extremely patient and regular if you want to make your bust fat with this method.

Sixth: Bra size firm your chest for beautiful breasts development

To have a good posture and a firm chest, it is important to wear the perfect bra of the female breast size. Find the perfect bra size for you and consider it as a breast enlargement method.

Seventh: Exercise stimulates natural boobs to build up perfectly

Try to play sports or exercises because it rejuvenates the body and mind and helps reduce stress. The method with exercises helps to enlarge the female breast, tone the chest and build the whole body such as the movements in an arc, the alternating movements with dumbbells and the movement of the butterfly. Remember that meditation and yoga are excellent choices as they rejuvenate the body and maintain good posture. It would be reflected in building natural boobs.

Do arm and chest stretching exercises every day to get a firm female breast. Focus on the pectoral and thoracic areas. Pull your arms back, then forward and stretch them backward. Female breast swelling exercises are also natural ways to make your natural boobs fat.

The role of the boob sizes stimulate men in sexuality

Female boob sizes play a vital role in sexual pleasure. Few men do not dwell on this feminine zone during the preliminaries. The advantage of the chest is that all its parts provide pleasure. The nipples of beautiful breasts are very sensitive. Do not hesitate to stimulate them with your fingers or your tongue. The areoles, located around the nipples, contain many nerve areas. Note that it is important not to “brutalize” the female breasts, which require softness. With a talented partner, nice breast stimulation can make you climb the curtains.


The female breast fat makes in several stages of the lifecycle

According to the researchers in 95% of cases, the female breast begins to grow between 8 and 13 years. This is the very first sign that puberty is coming. The size of the female breast will depend on many factors such as age, diet, muscle mass or genetics or hormonal imbalance. Estrogen is responsible for the development of the small breast. These hormones are produced by the ovaries. There are not really any rules about the size of the female breast and some will have fairly developed beautiful breasts while others will have the small breast. It is somehow Mother Nature who chooses most often.


Today, it is not mandatory to go through surgery to grow female breast and fortunately. Therefore naturally safe solutions have been proven and the results are there. So, there is no miracle cure for enlarging your small breast in 30 seconds or even a week, but the right advice and the right moves, naturally growing female breast is quite possible.


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