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Best inversion table 2020

  Best inversion table 2020, writing as per the base on collecting information to remove the back pain through exercising support. So, now you have an opportunity to get rid of back pain without taking the complicated medicine. If your back or your spine is hurting, and you have just recently come across the notion of an inversion table, you may be in the stage of asking yourself, “Do Inversion Tables Work”? You might have seen one at the chiropractic office, you might have been told about one by a friend, and you can’t stop wondering about their efficacy, and, more importantly, whether one will work for you.

In this article, I will explore the best inversion therapy table for yourself in 2020. Based on all the possibilities, your decision about giving it a try should be easy.

What is an inversion table?

It is a device that allows your body to be inverted 180 degrees from your normal standing position and allows you to “hang down” by your ankles. Because of the inversion, the important back muscles, and the spine itself, become stretched instead of compressed. A big difference.

How do you work with the inversion therapy table?

Best you start by sitting down on the bench and attaching your feet and ankles firmly into the ankle holder. Then, you allow for the inversion bench to slowly invert to horizontal, then minus 30 degrees, and beyond. Initially, going slowly is recommended, to allow your head to get adjusted to higher blood pressure.

But how will you know whether the inversion therapy table worked for you?

Simple. New owners in 2020 of back inversion tables are reporting significant reduction of back pain, spinal pain, sciatic (nerve) pain, and on top of that, they reported that they grew taller since they started using the inversion therapy table. However, the medical community is still divided on whether doctors should recommend using inversion therapy tables. That is probably why you have not heard about it perhaps until after years and years into visiting doctors, taking pain medications, visiting physical therapists, and chiropractors. And after spending a fortune-seeking pain relief.

Today I will summarize some of the best inversion table reviews in 2020

1)Teeter EP-970 Ltd. Inversion Table, Deluxe Easy-to-Reach Ankle Lock, Back Pain Relief

Best Teeter EP-970 Inversion Table made in 2020 with an easily foldable design. It’s better than Foam: Compare your requirement with product features. Padded beds can sink your body in which STOPS pain. Therefore, the surface of the inversion table becomes more comfortable and provides a better spine-elongating stretch for maximum pain-relieving benefits.

best inversion table 2020
best inversion table 2020
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Describing the features best list as below:

1. PREMIUM FEATURES: There is a lock handle in the extended ankle can support for easy securing. Have Extra-long Stretch Max Handles and Traction Handles for additional stretching options and assistance. The Acupressure Nodes work as a trigger-point release while Lumbar Bridge supports and focuses on the tract.  

2 UNMATCHED COMFORT & SUPPORT: The wrap-around ankle cups for an ergonomic fit. Contoured Bed support for comfort and maximize optimization for stretch relief.

3. PRECISION ROTATION FOR TOTAL CONTROL: Here, the shifting body weight is very simple by the movement of an arm so you can easily invert and return to the upright position.

4. HIGH-GRADE MATERIALS FOR RELIABILITY: Original security features with heavy-gauge steel parts like auto-locking hinges, cam locks, and specialized pivot bearings for durability.

5. TRUST TEETER: The other security features of heavy-gauge steel parts for UL 3rd-Party Safety Certification; i,e, Full 5-Year; 5-Step Easy Assembly;     Legacy 35-Year; 300 lb., 4ft 8in- 6ft 6in maximum user capacity.

2) HARISON Heavy Duty Inversion Table

You have a 2nd choice with one of the best HARISON inversion tables made 350 lbs capacity in 2020 and added a 3D Memory Form. It’s designed to support massage therapy. So, users can feel comfortable in it. The inversion table of HARISON Heavy-Duty supports the capacity of up to 300-350 LBS. The height is user friendly and easily adjustable from 4.8″- 6.4″ for height.

This inversion table added gym-quality materials with a weight of up to 83 LBS. Therefore, it makes much heavier and sturdy for carrying, but much durable. You can use it safely to remove your back pain without any doubt. You can smoothly invert it up to 180 degrees as well. Finally, I want to recommend one thing, it is better to take the doctor’s advice before using it. I wish you a healthy life. herison-inversion-therapy-table-reviews-1 Buy From Amazon

List of features:

1. HARISON added 3D stereo backrest fully Protect spine with exclusive design.

2 Quadruple Provide security and Safety.

3. Latest Heavy-Duty Material and Seamless Welding Support to 350 lbs Capacity

4.INVERSION TABLE FOR SCIATICA EXERCISES: Heavy-duty integrated steel frame makes the back inverter stretcher stable and durable for sciatica exercises. Some other parts like-Safety belt, non-slip nuts and mat, protective pedal cover and cap, sponge foot cover, and handles are for ensuring securities. Secure balance is the third safeguard to help you enjoy the super and most comfortable inversion experience.

5. ADJUSTABLE UPSIDE DOWN BACK STRETCHER: Easily moveable all four angle positions, even you could turn it fully 180-degree vertical inversion, use this inversion therapy table safely to exercise your back, neck, losing weight and anti-gravity beauty training, release the pressure, get rid of the back pain or ibuprofen, enjoy your good dream. You can also easily fold it for storage in little space.

6.QUADRUPLE PROTECTION SAFETY: 3D backrest make the full inversion chair stand out with High-quality memory foam in the inversion equipment competition, Ergonomics design fits your waist curve perfectly, Relieve stress, and protect your health. Safety belt and ankle holder for regaining comfort when inverting. There is no tingling or pain in your ankles during inversion.

7.WHY INVERSION: Humans are almost straight in everyday life, with the gravity of the earth, human internal organs, and the circulatory system easily turn into gastroptosis, cardiovascular and other diseases. When inverted, the gravity remains unchanged, but the pressure on the joints, limbs, muscle tension changes. Elimination and weakening of inter-articular pressure and muscle relaxation have specific effects on the control of lower back pain, neck pain, back pain, sciatica, and arthritis.

3)Innova Fitness ITM4800 Inversion Table

You have more options to justify your buying decision from this best collection list of 2020. The Innova Fitness ITM4800 inversion table designed with True Balance System and 6-Angle Pin System. The ITM4800 model added soft-touch foam handlebars with a large backrest pad.

Therefore, it makes the table more comfortable and easy inversion. So, the True Balance System provides you to find your unique center of gravity.

In addition, the Six Angle Pin System makes the inversion table to more safe, and consistent all the time.

innova-best-inversion-therapy-table-1 Buy From Amazon

Best features:

1. Isolated heat and vibration therapeutic massage inversion with adaptable lumbar pad

2. Additional Product Dimensions: 46″ L x 28 W” x 63″ H

3. Adjustable pin system added Patent Pending Protective Cover for smooth positioning of six (6) positions and safer inverting over strap systems

4. Comfortable headrest pad with flexible quality and large padded backrest.

5. Accommodates users 4ft-10″ to 6ft-6″ with a 300 lbs. maximum weight capacity.

6. Allow One Year Warranty.

4)IRONMAN Gravity Inversion Table

Now, you have another best choice in 2020 with the IRONMAN Gravity Inversion Table. Here, it is offering you to remove the back pain as well as support for sciatica exercises. You need only five minutes of a few ups and downs to take the pain away at a certain maximum required level.

This inversion table is perfectly normal that your feet will come off the footrest. For safety, you can lock the ankle to hold you without cut off your blood circulation.

The IRONMAN Inversion Table Gravity is not hard as usual. You can easily lay back and pull yourself up to do crunches very easily. There is a strap designed to control the amount of inversion.

Therefore, you can use it at about 60 degrees. There are handlebars to pull yourself back up when you go to a full 90-degree inversion.

Finally, The IRONMAN Gravity Inversion Table helps you to relieve from back pain and reactivate your damaged nerves.

IRONMAN Gravity Inversion Table
IRONMAN Gravity Inversion Table
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The features are:

1. Sturdy inversion table that may help reducing back pain and stimulating circulation

2. The removable lumbar pillow provides additional comfort for lower back support while inverting

3. Tough rubber non-skid floor stabilizers, Inverts up to maximum 90 degrees; It has a 2.5 inch exclusive thick Memory-Foam vinyl covered backrest to provide excellent comfort.

4.  Ergonomically ankle cushions mold; Foldable easily for storage; Assembled measurement 26 x 65 x 49 inches (W x H x D).

5. The Weight Capacity – Supports up to 350 pounds.

5) Health Gear ITM5500 Inversion Table.

Come up with your attention to the 5th choice from our best list in 2020.The Health Gear ITM5500 Inversion Table designed with advanced inversion technology. It can provide the isolated heat therapy and soothing effects of vibrating massage.

This Inversion Table ergonomically designed 4-inch foam backrest memory-style with contour fit for additional comfort and support. The adjustable vibrating message pad is easily removable & perfectly usable for relaxing in your favorite lounge chair and also in bed.

Furthermore, the convenient 4 position side inversion pin supports for quick and safe selection of either the 20 to 90-degree inversion positions without the use of a lower strap. It’s easy to Sur-lock in/out ankle support system with 4 adjustable oversized high-density foam leg rollers.

Therefore, it prevents calf pinching & keeps you secure in inversion. The foldable specialty of this product makes its space-saving design and easy to carry.

Health Gear ITM5500 Inversion Table
Health Gear ITM5500 Inversion Table
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The best features:

1. Ergonomically designed 4-inch memory-style foam backrest with contour fit for additional comfort and support.

2. Removable, remote-controlled multifunction therapeutic use to full-back heat and vibrating massage pad.

3. Sur-lock easy in/out ankle support system with 4 adaptable oversized high-density foam leg rollers to prevent calf pinching.

4. Facilitate an Extra-long locking arm to reduce back bending when entering and exiting the table.

5.Relaxed height adjuster and 4 positions (20/40/60/90) side inversion pin system.

6. Accommodates users 5’1” to 6’5” with a maximum 300 lb. weight capacity

7. Easy to fold useful for space-saving design with built-in transport wheels for convenient storage and portability.

8. High-quality steel frame construction with non-marring floor caps.

9. All Health Gear products are tested up to 50 point performance and safety standards.

6)   Body Vision IT9825 Premium Inversion Table with Adjustable Head Pillow & Lumbar Support Pad

You can find one of the best Body Vision IT9825 Premium Inversion Table from our list collection in 2020. The design used with the latest technology i.e., the inversion table adjustable with new lumbar support for lower, middle, and upper back as well as shoulder and support neck. The model of Body Vision IT 9825 added to design a longer and wider upholstered backrest pad and a comfortable easy to the removable head pillow. The measurement is about 11.5″ wide and 9.5 inches high as well. While using the inversion table, adjust the pad to target the neck, shoulders, lower, middle, and upper back.

Moreover, you can completely remove the pad and use it for relaxation in your bed or even in your lounge chair. Therefore, this new lumbar pad can be used in your car, or even an airplane when you travel.

inversion table health benefits
inversion table health benefits
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The best features are herewith:

1.  Premium upholstered memory-style foam backrest with removable headrest pillow 44″ x 18″ x 2″ (longer & wider).

2. Removable, lumbar care pad can be adjusted to target lower, middle, upper back, shoulders, and neck.

3. Easy height selector with 4 position side inversion pin system.

4. Accommodates for users with a 250 lb. weight capacity i.e., 5’1″ to 6’6″.

5. New contemporary rounded high-quality gauge steel tube frame with non-marring floor caps.

6. All Body Vision products are tested with a 50-point performance and safety standard.

7. Sur-lock easy in/out ankle care system with 4 adjustable high-density foam leg rollers to prevent calf pinching.

8. Have foldable space-saving and locking design with built-in transport wheels for convenient storage and portability.

7) Exerpeutic 575SL Foldaway Mobile Inversion Table with Airsoft Ratchet System

We are offering you our 7th latest collection in 2020. The Exerpeutic 575SL Foldable Inversion Table is designed for the SPACE SAVING inversion table. Therefore, it can be easily transportable and easily foldable for carrying. So, the best model of EXERPEUTIC 575SL ‘FOLDAWAY’ Mobile Inversion Table could be your favorite choice.

The exerpeutic 575SL model is equipped with a FOLDAWAY backrest which folds in half for easy storage. It includes 4 transportation wheels support to easy relocation without carrying the heavy table. Also, it designed with SURELOCK ratchet ankle locking system, 4 angles adjustable position which controls pin, and more. UL certified it for safety. So, you are recommended that the EXERPEUTIC 575SL can be your back pain relief companion. exerpetic-inversion-table Buy From Amazon

Read the features as below:

1. [FOLDAWAY BACKREST]: FOLDAWAY backrest is foldable in a half for easy storage. The folding backrest inversion table is designed to easy transportation on the market. The folding dimensions: 24” L x 31. 7 W x 63. 6” H.

2. [4 WHEELS for EASY MOVING]: Designed with 4 transportation wheels, the table movable around the house becomes a breeze. So, it’s easy to carry from one room to another room. It’s certified by UL (Underwriter Laboratories) for safety.

3. [NO PINCH AIRSOFT ANKLE HOLDER]: The AIRSOFT ankle holder used for adjusting COMFORT. NO PAIN or trouble on your ankles while inverting. Using AIRSOFT technology allows airflow into different chambers to the autofit of your legs and ankles.

4. [SURELOCK RATCHET SYSTEM]: Use for “Palm Activation” SHERLOCK adjusted with ratchet ankle locking system. The mechanism of the double lock ratchet tooth makes the table more safe and secure when inverting. Designed with solid two-piece ratchet provide for more security.

5.[4 POSITION CONTROL PIN]: Position with 4 Angles control pin for easy inversion angle adjustment eliminates the typical strap System. Carry 300 lbs. user weight capacity. 2 Position headrest added for head comfort.

8)Health Mark Pro Max Inversion Therapy Table

In online you have a variety of choice options in different sites but, we are providing you some of the best product data launched in 2020. Therefore, you can study with the Health Mark Pro Inversion Therapy Table herewith. It supports reverse positioning for maximum flexibility and also used for reverse massage. Also, it designed with a heavy steel structure that supports weight up to 600 pounds and accommodates heights from a maximum of 4 to 6 feet. Moreover, it is providing a maximum level of comfort using a padded surface system. Using this inversion table you will get a positive result to relieve your back pain.

Furthermore, you can use it in your shoulders, neck, and abdomen exercise from a different angle of positions. Its gorgeous high-quality steel construction can withstand a range up to 600-pound capacity, which makes it one of the best Health Mark Pro Max Inversion table models at present. The other specialty with this inversion table like a wide-angle control and height adjustment that make it the most flexible table on the market.

do inversion tables work
do inversion tables work
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Herewith the product features:

1. The inversion therapy table can help to stimulate blood flow.

2. It’s designed to relax back, activate spine functions, and improve posture.

3. Works in a “face-up” or inverted “face-down” position traditionally.

4. Designed with 5 preset angles; have up to 25 total height settings and supports a maximum of 600 pounds.

5. Dimensional Measurement W 28 x H 58 x D 45 inches and offering a 1-year warranty.

9)Wonlink Adjustable Inversion Table for Sports Enthusiasts Exercising Indoor Fitness Exercise

Another exciting design listed for 2020 is Wonlink Adjustable Inversion Table. Therefore, using this table you can reduce the back pain as well as supports taking more workload on the computer for a long time. Busy people normally don’t have enough time to do exercise outdoor perfectly. In this regard, this Inversion Table will be a good solution for them to do it at home easily. Even, you can use it in your workplace also whenever you want.

Moreover, it could help to reduce the extra weight for the people who are looking for remedies to lose weight. As per, this inversion table is a comprehensive machine. It could be a support system to accelerate your blood circulation as in normal mood and user savvy for all ages.

Finally, the recommendation is that the Table will be more helpful to improve your body fitness, relaxation, and anti-aging effect as well.

inversion table pinched nerve
inversion table pinched nerve
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Some of the best features:

  1. FEATURE: Wide from 7.5 to 11 inches, height from 3 feet 2 inches to 4 feet 6 inches Inversion angle can be adjustable sequentially 90 degrees,120 degrees,150 degrees and180 degree.
  2. DELUXE COMFORT: Have a large unit feature, backrest foam pad contoured, and headrest support for back and lumbar. The padded foam roller designed for ankle support that offers maximum 8-position adjustability to fit any ages.
  3. ACCURATE INVERSION CONTROL: Starting from a deep to shallow, pre-set the inversion angle to a preferred comfort level as your desire, full inversion is easily adjustable with a new and improved bolt design. Rotation up and down safely controlled by the easy-grip handrails.
  4. FOLDABLE & PORTABLE: The foldable design compactly makes it convenient and easy to store into a closet, or against the wall.
  5. PREMIUM-GRADE: Expertly designed with heavy-duty, extra-ordinary strength, and stability. Moreover, it is a fully-braced and non-rocking inversion table is constructed to last with generous weight capacity for 300.

10)Fitness Reality 690XL Inversion Table with Lumbar Pillow, 300 Lbs Capacity

Here, we have the last option in 2020 for your decision making i.e, Fitness Reality 690XL Inversion Table. The messaging campaign for this product is “Real People Real Result” which makes it the best-trusted offer. On the base of this message, it built with an exceedingly strong steel frame.

The latest design includes a foam vinyl covered backrest use for head comfort and back when inverting. It has an extra-long safety handle provides an easy return to back again at the original position. Added a removable Lumbar pillow which is designed to support the lower back while inverting. The weight capacity is 300lbs which can take load the inverting capability at a higher weight limit.

The Fitness Reality 690XL will provide excellent back pain relief with a standard affordable price. So, the recommendation is that if you want to get an early result then try the 690XL Inversion Table today. fitness-reality-inversion-table Buy From Amazon

Reference of the best product features:

  1. User weight capacity Extended up to 300 lbs and height from 4’10” to 6’6″.
  2. Lower back support with the removable lumbar pillow while inverting or resting
  3. Soft foam backrest made with 3/4 inches for comfort when inverting at all angles.
  4. It has 180 degrees vertical inversion capacity.
  5. The foam roller with a combination of ankle holders and ankle cushions support the ankles securely and safely. Pull pin support System holds ankles and legs in place perfectly.
  6. Easy to fold for storing in a small space. Folding dimensions: H 75″ x W 28″ x D 18″


This is a declaration that all the above information on the regard of the inversion table in 2020 is base on web research. We don’t produce or manufacture physical products. Therefore, our attempt to help people with providing the best product data from trusted sources. So, the purchasing decision is dependent upon your proper judgment.

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