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Best Anti-aging Treatments for Face

Hi all, we’d like to talk 3 best anti-aging treatments for face. It’s good to struggle for youth and beauty. Do not worry, we’d like to talk about effective and operational procedures that will restore freshness to your face.

How can I stop my face from aging?

We stated the newest anti aging procedures (3 treatments) below:

Anti-aging Treatment 1) SMAS-lifting 

Look ten years younger … This will not surprise anyone. And let’s complicate the task! Rejuvenate without surgery and in just one procedure. Yes, and without a long rehabilitation period! Think impossible? And we are ready to argue. Such metamorphoses became real thanks to the massage lifting on the Ultherapy System apparatus. The muscle-aponeurotic layer of SMAS (Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System) holds the muscles of the face and forms a clear oval and contours. It is affected during the procedure. Ultrasonic waves warm soft tissues. From this, collagen and elastin are activated in their structure, which are responsible for the elasticity and youth of the skin. So the surface effect is not limited. There is a deeper lift of all layers. Previously, this was only possible with surgical intervention. The device acts pointwise. And this provides the maximum effect with minimal trauma.

Anti Aging Essence treatments for face
Ultherapy System solves a number of problems. This is a lost oval of the face and a deepening of the nasolabial and nasolacrimal folds. And the drooping eyebrows, upper eyelids and corners of the lips. Prevention of age-related changes in the skin of the face and neck. As well as the redistribution of soft tissues from the middle of the face to the lower. And in general, the quality of the skin improves. Ultrasonic lifting is a comfortable procedure. But it is possible to use anesthesia – for especially sensitive patients. During the session, slight tingling, heating and tension are permissible. Do not worry – burns are excluded. The Ultherapy System has a visualized system that allows you to see the deep layers of the skin and muscle fascia. Depth of exposure is regulated and the most optimal one is selected in accordance with the treated area. The process takes one to two hours. It depends on the area of impact. The result is noticeable in the first month after the procedure. But the positive effect increases within 3-4 months. And the achieved anti-aging effect will please about a year and a half.

Anti-aging Treatment 2) Threads of youth 

Noticed that the oval of the face has lost its former clarity? Then it’s time to think about the Aptos thread lift. The procedure eliminates beryl, the second chin and tightens the mental region. Nasolabial folds are also corrected. The deformation of the oval of the face, asymmetry, is reduced or eliminated. And all this without surgical intervention. This is a minimally invasive method for correcting age-related changes. The essence of the procedure is the movement of soft tissues to the desired position and their fixation. The technique is determined based on the correction zone and physiological characteristics of the patient. To create volume, revitalization, threads with a special wicker structure, smooth or threads resembling springs are used. To achieve a lifting effect, threads with notches are used, thanks to which they are firmly fixed in soft tissues. There will be no pain due to local infiltration anesthesia.Anti Wrinkle Anti Aging Face Cream

The procedure takes no more than an hour. In the first hours after the procedure, discomfort, slight swelling, slight painful sensations are possible. But the rehabilitation period is 1-3 weeks. At this time, you will have to adhere to some restrictions. A visit to the bathhouse, pool and solarium during the recovery period is prohibited. Avoid exposure to the sun and heavy physical exertion. Exclude facial massage. Three days require daily treatment of the puncture area with an antiseptic solution and taking decongestants. It is also important to limit active facial expressions. The effect of rejuvenation is visible immediately after the procedure. But the final result is evaluated in two weeks. When using absorbable threads, it persists for 2-3 years. Even after complete biodegradation of the threads, the fibrous capsule continues to hold the soft tissues. This is due to the release of L-lactic acid in the process of resorption of the threads. In this case, the formation of collagen type I and III and tissue rehydration are stimulated.

Anti-aging Treatment 3) Injection Techniques 

Age-related changes are not limited to wrinkles and folds. It is also a loss of volume and tissue tone. Yes, and aesthetic flaws only exaggerate over the years. So, lips that are naturally thin with age turn completely into a faded thread. A universal solution to these problems is hyaluronic acid fillers. The procedure is also known as contouring, or face remodeling. It is important to use a quality product that is certified and time-tested. These include Restylane. These are gels based on hyaluronic acid. They are biodegradable and completely eliminated from the body. Leaving behind intensely moistened tissues. The line of drugs has been used for twenty years, proving its safety and effectiveness. Despite the fact that the fillers are based on hyaluronic acid, they differ in composition and density.

Dense gels are used for the area of the cheekbones, and on the contrary, soft gels are used to correct the shape of the lips. This allows you to achieve a natural result. Restylane includes nine products. With the help of fillers, lost volumes are filled, wrinkles and folds are filled, the contours of the face shape are adjusted. The shape of the nose and lips also change. Restylane is not only fillers. The range also includes preparations for skin hydration based on stabilized hyaluronic acid. A course of three procedures will be required with a frequency of several weeks. And maintenance sessions every 4-6 months depending on the drug. The procedure lasts 30-50 minutes. It depends on the area of the corrected area. After the introduction of bio-gel, slight swelling is possible. But he soon passes by himself. The effect is noticeable immediately. And the final result is evaluated in two weeks.

The Best Anti-aging Products I Recommend

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